Report Child Care Fraud

If you suspect Child Care Fraud, be a part of the solution. You may remain anonymous. Please fill out the Child Care Fraud Form, or email dcfmbchildcarefraud

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Report a Child Care Concern or Complaint

If you have a concern about something going on in a child care facility or you suspect child abuse, neglect or exploitation at a child care facility, please use the drop-down menu on the Tell Us How We Are Doing page to fill out the appropriate complaint form.

YoungStar Campaign

The YoungStar Campaign page provides the latest YoungStar campaign materials. You’ll find links to the YoungStar videos, radio spots and brochures. Connect with our media contact for additional information.


Image of an open book with a child on one page and the works quality child care on the other page What is YoungStar? Video

YoungStar helps parents find high quality child care and assists child care providers who want to improve the quality of their care.

Image of a the word STRESS on a red circular pillow Toxic Stress Video

When you give your child engaging one-on-one experiences and a nurturing environment, you’re setting the stage for lifelong success.

Image of Alphabet FlashCards and Letters Start with Experiences Video

The short periods of stress children experience in the first five years of life are an important part of healthy brain development.



Radio Ads

Radio Spot 1 - Squeek


VO: Parents have to make a lot of tough choices..

VO: Thank goodness there’s Youngstar to help you make one of the toughest choices there is: Choosing quality child care.

VO: YoungStar’s simple five-star rating system makes it easy to compare thousands of Wisconsin child care programs.

VO: So you can find the one that’s right for your family.


VO: And get back to the next big decision on your list: like choosing a toy that won’t drive you up the wall.

VO: Before you choose, YoungStar.

Radio Spot 2 - Giggle


Choosing quality child care isn’t easy. Thankfully, there’s YoungStar. We rate thousands of Wisconsin child care programs and preschools each year, so you can find great local child care...

…that everyone can feel good about. Before you choose, YoungStar.

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