Report Child Care Fraud

If you suspect Child Care Fraud, be a part of the solution. You may remain anonymous. Please fill out the Child Care Fraud Form, or email dcfmbchildcarefraud

Report a Child Care Concern or Complaint

If you have a concern about something going on in a child care facility or you suspect child abuse, neglect or exploitation at a child care facility, please use the drop-down menu on the Tell Us How We Are Doing page to fill out the appropriate complaint form.

Support spelled out with wooden blocks image.Financial Support for Families

Parents of a child with a disability should know that additional financial support may be available to assist with their child's care. Families who are eligible for Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program, and who have a child with a special need or disability under the age of 19, may be eligible to receive a higher subsidy amount in order to help a child care provider support the special needs of their child.  The higher subsidy amount could be used by the provider to access and pay for specialized training or to purchase adaptive equipment or necessary materials.  

If interested, a parent can request a copy of the Wisconsin Shares Special Needs Inclusion Request Form (#2976) from their local county or tribal agency or it is available to print in the following languages: EnglishHmong or Spanish.

The parent will need to complete the General Information section, as well as the Special Needs Criteria section (this section requires verification of the child's disability or special need).  Once these first two sections are finished, the parent should have their child care provider fill out the Provider Rationale section.  When all sections of the request are complete, it is the parents responsibility to submit the form to their Wisconsin Shares Child Care Coordinator or Wisconsin Shares Child Care authorization worker at their local agency.

*Please note that higher subsidy amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Most children can be included into a child care setting without the need for a higher subsidy amount. It is for this reason that the Department recommends that programs and families first seek out training opportunities, as well as Technical Consultation, in order to learn and understand how best to integrate children with special needs into the existing child care program.

Please contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral or Wisconsin First Step for more information about supports and services available in your area.


If you have concerns or questions about a child's development (physical, social-emotional, or cognitive), contact: Wisconsin First Step Information and Referral Hotline at 1-800-642-STEP (7837).