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History of YoungStar

YoungStar, Wisconsin's Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System, is a program of the Department of Children and Families. It was developed to improve the quality of care for Wisconsin children and came to life through the overwhelming support of elected officials, child care providers, and early care and education advocates. Due to this collaboration, YoungStar is helping Wisconsin children shine bright.



  • January 1: All regulated providers are eligible to apply for the Child Care Counts: Stabilization Payment Program to support the cost of providing high-quality care. Providers participating in YoungStar will receive an additional Quality Incentive Per Staff Amount. This amount is tiered based on YoungStar level.


  • December 1: Providers who received monthly YoungStar Quality Adjustments received their final adjustment 
  • November 8: DCF enhanced its investment in quality care into one that reaches all regulated programs through the Child Care Counts: Stabilization Payment Program.
  • January 1: YoungStar evolved from a hybrid point based rating model to a block rating model
  • January 1: YoungStar began using the latest Environment Rating Scale tools (ECERS-3, ITERS-3, FCCERS-3) to observe classroom quality with programs choosing formal ratings


  • July 1: 5 Star providers' Youngstar quality adjustment increased to 30%. 4 Star providers' Youngstar quality adjustment increased to 15%.
  • January 1: 5 Star providers' YoungStar quality adjustment increased to 27%. 4 Star providers' YoungStar quality adjustment increased to 11%.


  • October 1: Parents who choose child care providers rated 2 Stars will receive a 1% reduction from their total subsidy amount instead of the previous 5% reduction.


  • January 1: The requirement for programs to be rated every year is modified to an every other year required rating, with the option of an annual rating, if requested by the program. Rating criteria will be updated every other year as well.


  • June 1: Tiered reimbursement is fully replaced by the MyWIChildCare payment system statewide.  YoungStar adjustments are paid directly to 4 and 5 Star providers for 10% and 25% of each provider's current authorizations.


  • October 1: MyWIChildCare is launched in the western region, replacing the tiered reimbursement method of payment.
  • July 1: Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA) becomes the administrator of all YoungStar services.


  • May 1: The Department of Children and Families issued a Request for Proposal for the administration of the YoungStar Quality Rating and Improvement System. Multiple Bidders responded and the Department selected Supporting families Together Association (SFTA) to administer all YoungStar services beginning July 1, 2016.


  • July 1: Tiered reimbursement goes into effect for Day Camps
  • March 1: Day Camp providers are invited to enroll in YoungStar


  • December 29: Tiered reimbursement rates for 4 Star providers increased to 10%
  • January 1: Tiered reimbursement rates for 5 Star providers increased to 25%


  • July 1: Tiered reimbursement goes into effect
  • March 1: School-Age care providers are invited to enroll in YoungStar




  • June 29: 2009 Wisconsin Act 28, the biennial budget for Wisconsin, passes and includes a directive for the creation of a child care quality rating and improvement system (2009 Wisconsin Act 28 Section 9108(&F))


  • The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) initiated the Grow in Quality project, a pilot project that was conducted to identify key indicators of child care quality and to begin the process of designing technical assistance specific to these quality indicators. Data was gathered on quality indicators from 68 randomly selected licensed group centers participating in four distinct pilot program areas of the state