eWISACWIS Release Notes


This page contains the eWiSACWIS release notes from the past two years. Release notes are documents that contain details about the corrections, changes, or enhancements made to eWiSACWIS with each release.

Go Live Date Release Notes Highlights
06/22/18 6.3 Notes AFCARS, Education Passport, Imaging, Out of Home Placement Notification, Perm Consultation, Task List, Youth Justice
03/23/18 6.2 Notes Person Mgmt, Imaging, Print Case, Desktop, Adoptions, Agreements/Notices, Workload Mgmt/Ticklers, and ICPC
12/15/17 6.1 Notes Adoption Assistance, BIRT, Desktop, HTML5 (Browser Neutrality), ICPC, IV-E, and Maltreater Review Templates
06/16/17 6.0 Notes ICPC Changes, Regional Access, NYTD Survey, 90 Day Summary Report, Maltreater Appeals
02/17/17 5.9 Notes Info for OHC Providers, Community Response Program
10/14/16 5.8 Notes CWLS, Phone and Email, Adoption Search
06/17/16 5.7 Notes NCMEC, Protective Plan, Unborn Child, Initial Health Assessment
02/19/16 5.6 Notes Workload Management, Community Response Program, Maltreater Review
11/20/15 5.5 Notes MA Automation, Structured Case Notes, Perm Plan Lean, ICPC Lean
06/12/15 5.4 Notes ePass, Education Passport, Act-78, Foster Care Extension(phase-2)
02/13/15 5.3 Notes Workload Management, CWLS,Maltreater Review, IV-E Reimbursability, IL reorg