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The information contained on this page will help you resolve any technical or interface issues, including display and usage problems and Replication (REPL) and Financial Interfaces.


Need a walkthrough of how to bookmark the eWiSACWIS URL? Check out the easy pdf instructions on bookmarking the new eWiSACWIS URL.

.OCX Support

Removal Instructions

Download and run the following file to uninstall the OCX: OCX Removal Tool

Display and Usage Problems

Resolve "Page not Displayed" Error Message

If eWiSACWIS system users report that they can't sign on to the system because they are receiving a "page not displayed" error, the problem may be that the URL they are using is incorrect. 

The correct URL is: http://apps.dcf.wisconsin.gov/ewisacwis/ (be sure to include the final backslash)

eWiSACWIS 'disappears' After Entering ID and Password

If you are using Windows Vista see link to Vista & IE7 QR Guide. If you are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6, follow these steps:

If you have Windows XP as your operating system and have recently installed Service Pack 2 (SP2), you may note that the eWiSACWIS application closes when you enter your username/password and click the 'Submit' button.

Windows XP SP2 has a pop-up blocker feature that prevents pop-up windows from appearing. As the eWiSACWIS application opens windows as pop-up pages, the Windows XP operating system proceeds to close the application.

Windows privacy tab

If your operating system is Windows XP and you have installed SP2 follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. From the Menu, click on Tools > Internet Options
  3. Click on the Privacy tab
  4. Uncheck the 'Block pop-ups' check box. (The 'Settings' button allows advanced settings)
  5. Click OK

More information can be found on the Microsoft Support website.

eWiSACWIS Buttons are Cut Off at the Bottom of Pop-up Messages

If you are using Windows Vista see link to Vista & IE7 QR Guide. If you are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6, follow these

If you have Windows XP as your operating system and have recently installed Service Pack 2 (SP2), you may note that an internet address bar is appearing on the bottom of the eWiSACWIS page, cutting off application buttons and/or the bottom of the page. You must have Admin rights to do this; if you do not, contact your local IT department

Internet Options Trusted Sites modal
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Tools > Internet Options
  3. Click on the Security Tab
  4. Click on the ‘Trusted sites’ icon and then the ‘Sites’ button
  5. Type in *.dcf.wisconsin.gov in the ‘Add this Web site to the zone:’ field. Make sure the ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone’ is NOT checked. Click OK.
Eliminate "Display Mixed Content" Message
Mixed content message

A prompt is displayed asking if mixed content can be displayed. To fix this, open Internet Explorer and select the Tools > Internet Options from the menu bar. Choose the Security tab and click on the Settings button. Find the Miscellaneous controls and change the selection for the Display Mixed Content from Prompt to Enable.

Handle a Time-out

The State of Wisconsin security policy requires users to log back in to any web application after 120 minutes of inactivity. This can be avoided if you save or search at least every 120 minutes (2 hours).

To fix this:

  1. Do not close out of eWiSACWIS. If you do, the data you entered won’t be saved.
  2. Enter your user name and password and then click Login.
  3. You will be returned to eWiSACWIS where you can continue your work.
Avoid Blinking Cursor During Mouse-over

Open IE and select the Tools > Internet Options from the menu bar. Choose the Advanced tab and find the "Force offscreen competing even under Terminal Server …" check box and uncheck it.

Technical FAQ

How do I create a shortcut from my Desktop to the eWiSACWIS Website?

From the computer desktop, right click, select New > Shortcut. Enter the URL: http://apps.dcf.wisconsin.gov/ewisacwis/

Will there be voice recognition software made available for those people that do not type well?

At this time, voice recognition software is not available for eWiSACWIS users.

What kind of technology does eWiSACWIS employ?

eWiSACWIS is a web-based information system using Java J2EE specifications and the Apache Struts framework. It is multi-tiered architecture running the Linux operating system utilizing IBM WebSphere Application Server and Oracle Database Server. Authentication uses Novell Access Manager and eDirectory (LDAP) servers. The architecture has failover, load balancing and redundancy built-in.

What are the hardware/software requirements for eWiSACWIS and eWReports?

Several primary factors will have a direct influence upon county eWiSACWIS system performance including:

  • The speed by which a county/agency is connected to the Internet through a local ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • The capacity of the local agency workstation, including speed of the CPU (processor speed) and the amount and utilization of workstation RAM (memory)
  • The workstation OS (operating system) and
  • Other concurrent applications running on the workstation

Workstation Hardware:

  • Microsoft establishes minimum hardware requirements to run the supported Edge in Internet Explorer Mode browser and operating system of your choice.

Workstation Application Software:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • PDF Reader
  • Microsoft Edge in IE mode

**Please note: The capacity of agency Internet connectivity has a direct connection to eWiSACWIS performance. Should an agency wish to discuss issues relating to Internet capacity with technical staff, please do not hesitate to contact eWiSACWIS help desk at DCFServiceDesk@wisconsin.gov.

How do I know if eWiSACWIS is experiencing a hardware failure?

eWiSACWIS will display a fatal application error message box.

How does my county connect to eWiSACWIS?

Each eWiSACWIS end user uses the desktop Internet browser to connect (via the Internet) directly to the eWiSACWIS web application server. eWiSACWIS reduces to a minimum both the hardware and technical resources needed to support the statewide application and associated infrastructure.

What are the bandwidth utilization measurements for eWiSACWIS?

There is a Bandwidth Matrix and a Bandwidth Graph that illustrate the percent utilization by line speed and by number of concurrent users.

It is important to note that concurrent users is defined as users hitting the state web server simultaneously (i.e. clicking on search, save, continue, etc). For example, with 10 concurrent users using a T1 line, eWiSACWIS bandwidth utilization is only 2.75%. The vast majority of counties in Wisconsin will have much less than 10 concurrent users at any given time.