eWiSACWIS Access

Access to eWiSACWIS is only granted to appropriate child welfare agency staff and other authorized users. In order to obtain access, please follow the below steps.


eWISACWIS  Access Process

  1. User reads DCF eWiSACWIS memo dated February 26, 2007 – eWiSACWIS: Confidentiality and Access to the System
  2. User reads DCF eWiSACWIS confidentiality policy – Access to eWiSACWIS and Information Contained in eWiSACWIS
  3. User signs CFS-2275 – eWiSACWIS User Agreement
  4. User accesses the Wisconsin Web Access Management System (WAMS) to create a Wisconsin User ID and Password. Please use your current work e-mail address when setting up or updating a WAMS account.
  5. For local county/tribal agency staff: User’s Supervisor creates a new security request to add the user as a new worker in eWiSACWIS.

For State agency staff and other authorized users: User’s Supervisor contacts Jenny Bundrage (DCFeWiSACWISRequests@wisconsin.gov ) to add the user as a new worker in eWiSACWIS.


The Tribal and Agency Agreement Forms

 Tribal Agreement on Access to eWiSACWIS - DCF-F-2276B-E

 Agency Agreement on Access to eWiSACWIS - DCF-F-2904-E


Turnaround Time Expected

3 days


WAMS Account Recovery