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Child Care Resource Guide for Families

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Your trusted source in support of quality child care

When you have young children, you have a lot to plan for. Sometimes, child care isn’t at the top of the list. We get it. You’ve got a lot on your mind, but it’s never too early to start planning for child care. It’s one of the most important decisions parents and caregivers make. Why? Because the quality of care your child receives will have a big impact on their life. That’s why the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) is here to help. DCF is Wisconsin’s most trusted source in support of quality child care. This guide gives you the information and tools you need to find the care your child deserves.

Find your way to the care your child deserves

So much goes into finding child care that fits your family’s needs. That’s why our Child Care Resource Guide covers a wide range of topics. It’s all important. Ultimately, DCF hopes it gives you the confidence and resources to find quality care.

What's in the Resource Guide for Families

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  1. You Have Options for Child Care
  2. Regulation Raises the Standards for Child Care
  3. Quality Child Care Makes a Difference
  4. Quality Shines Through with YoungStar
  5. Find Quality Child Care with Help from DCF
  6. Take the Next Steps Toward Choosing Quality Child Care
  7. Regulated Child Care Providers are Skilled Professionals
  8. Affordable Quality Child Care Takes Planning
  9. Give Your Child a Head Start
  10. Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program

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