Quality Shines Through with YoungStar

Understanding Star Ratings: 5 Star Program meets highest levels of quality standards. 4 Star Program meets elevated levels of quality standards. 3 Star Program meets proficient levels of quality standards. 2 Star Program meets health and safety standards. 1 Star Program does not meet health and safety standards, and therefore cannot participated in YoungStar.

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Child care is one of the most important choices parents and caregivers will ever make. Why? Because quality care can set the stage for a child’s lifelong success. Even with help from those you trust, finding a provider who fits your family’s needs can be difficult. While it’s important to do your own research— you can start with us. YoungStar is here to support you!

What is YoungStar?

YoungStar is Wisconsin’s child care quality rating and improvement system. Its purpose is to objectively rate thousands of programs across the state and award them up to five stars. Why? It helps parents and caregivers get informed and find the quality care they deserve. What’s more, DCF also offers parents tools and resources to raise happy, healthy kids.

What do the stars measure?

YoungStar awards stars based on four key areas:

  • The Child Care Staff’s Education and Training
  • The Learning Environment and Curriculum
  • The Program’s Business and Professional Practices
  • The Child’s Health and Well-Being