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Regulated Child Care Providers are Skilled Professionals

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A lot goes into providing quality child care, and, like anything else—the cost of quality can add up. Regulated providers are professionals who are skilled and trained in many ways. They have the knowledge to make a lasting positive impact on children. That’s the goal, right? To nurture growth that helps kids reach their full potential. That’s why regulated care is worth it.

What can you expect from a regulated child care provider?

Education and Training

  • Nearly 83% have some college or a degree
  • Formal training in child development, safety, health, and nutrition 


  • Must meet health and safety standards
  • Compliance with staff-to-child ratios, ongoing training, and curriculum 


  • Subject to regular inspections
  • Require ongoing monitoring 


  • Commitment to safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate care
  • Provide age-appropriate activities and learning opportunities 

Parent Involvement

  • Ensures care and education align with family goals and values
  • Regular communication about the child’s progress, concerns, or issues

Where do your child care dollars go?

graph showcasing that 60% of child care wages go to educator wages; 15% to food an nutrition; 13% maintenence, permits, insurance, training, and equipment; and 12% to rent or leasing expenses