Who Needs a DCF Background Check?

graphic-criminal check form

As of October 1, 2018, the Child Care Development Block Grant requires the State of Wisconsin to conduct background checks on individuals associated with a child care program. Under the new requirements, all caregiver and non-caregiver employees must undergo a DCF fingerprint-based background check every five years to be eligible to operate, work at, or reside in a child care center.

The questionnaire below is a tool to help providers determine who needs a priority background check. However, it is the provider’s responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with background check requirements.

The following definitions apply to the terms on this form, and exist solely for the purpose of determining who requires a priority fingerprint-based background check:


(1) an employee or contractor of a child care program who is involved in the care or supervision of clients;

(2) a person who has direct contact and unsupervised access to clients of a child care program.

(3) a person who has, or is seeking, a license, certification, or contract to operate a child care program.

Non-caregiver Employee: a person who provides services to a child care program as an employee or a contractor and is not a caregiver, but whose work at the child care program provides the ability to move freely throughout the premises and opportunities for interactions with clients of the child care program.

Is the individual a caregiver or household member?
Is the individual a student teacher, or a volunteer counted in ratio?

A background check IS required.

Is the individual an employee or contractor?
Does the individual have unescorted access to the facility?
Does the individual have the opportunity for unsupervised interaction with children in care?

A background check is NOT required.

A background check IS required.

A background check is NOT required.