Executive Offices

The Executive Offices oversee department operations and policies and support the department's five divisions.

Headshot of Regan Shapiro

Ragen Shapiro

Legislative Advisor

Contact Constituent Services

Headshot of Gina Paige

Gina Paige

Communications Director

Contact Media Relations

Headshot of Therese Durkin

Therese Durkin

General Counsel

Headshot of Margaret McMahon

Margaret McMahon

Senior Manager

Headshot of Stephanie Lozano

Stephanie Lozano

Tribal Liaison

Headshot of Adam Hartung

Adam Hartung

Budget Director

Headshot of Michelle Flood

Michelle Flood

Inspector General

Headshot of Brenda Rodriguez

Brenda Rodriguez

Urban Liaison

Headshot of Ayiesha Domino-Brown

Ayiesha Domino-Brown

Culture & Engagement Director

Headshot of Jane Penner-Hoppe

Jane Penner-Hoppe

Senior Policy Advisor

Headshot of Amy Voliva

Amy Voliva

Human Resources Director