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W-2 Contractors' Systems Subcommittee

Purpose/Scope: These meetings will provide a forum to assure regular communication between the Bureau of Working Families (BWF) and the W-2 Contractors on issues relating to the major information systems that support W-2 and related programs' functions, including:

  • Client Assistance for Reemployment and Economic Support (CARES);

  • CARES Worker Web (CWW);

  • Emergency Assistance Tracking System (EATS);

  • Barrier Screening Tool (BST); and

  • Any new systems created to carry out program functions.

These meetings will allow for an exchange of ideas regarding systems maintenance, enhancements, and changes, which will contribute to the delivery of quality services to the parents and children in the W-2 and related programs.


  • Provide for timely notification to W-2 Contractor staff of systems changes;

  • Provide for an opportunity for W-2 Contractor staff to respond to systems changes; and

  • Provide an opportunity to identify issues, explore solutions, and make recommendations for systems improvements.

The W-2 Contractors' Systems Subcommittee will report recommendations for system options and priorities to BWF Management.

Meeting Frequency: Every other month on the same day as the W-2 Contractors' Meeting.

If you are interested in participating in the Systems Subcommittee meetings, please contact your agency's CARES Coordinator.

2017 Meeting Materials

Month Materials and Notes
February  Agenda


 BRITS Handout

October  Agenda


2016 Meeting Materials

Month Materials and Notes


 Adding Review to the CWW Dashboard

 Intro to Assigned Hours Calculations and WebI Report Request



 MPOWR PowerPoint Presentation



 BRITS Presentation



 SLA 17 Handout

 BRITS System Updates

October Agenda


48 Month Time Limit Reports, Descriptions, and Discussion Items


For meeting materials prior to 2016, please contact us at bwf_co@wisconsin.gov.