MECA Provider Training

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The Department of Children and Families, along with MECA, offers continuing education class sessions that encourage growth and development. The class sessions are available to any child care provider in Milwaukee County or the surrounding area. Sessions are available in the daytime, as well as some evening and weekend times. MECA’s mission is to promote excellence in early childhood care and education.

Registry Credits available for most trainings.

What MECA Wants You to Know

Wisconsin Shares Program Integrity: What Child Care Providers Need to Know

A new training video about Wisconsin Shares Program Integrity for Wisconsin child care providers. In order to be eligible to receive Wisconsin Shares as a child care provider, you must be licensed, and participate in the Youngstar Quality Rating system. There are various rules in place to ensure that child care subsidy is available for those who need it and that the funds are being spent and paid out appropriately. Provider Program Integrity ensures that those rules are followed, and it includes prevention, monitoring, and identification of improper payments and fraud of the Wisconsin Shares program.

Learn about:

  • Who is the Bureau of Child Care Administration and how can they can help you?
  • What does compliance mean for me?
  • The anatomy of a site visit
  • Violations and how to avoid them
  • Various resources to help you understand statutes, rules, forms and more
Child Care Disability Information
  • For Inclusion Credential class information, contact the Disability Support Program at 1-888-947-6583 (Options 1, 1, 2, 1).
  • For TEACH scholarship information, call 1-800-783-9322.