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Child Care Certification Background Check Requirements

Under new federal and state requirements, all caregivers and noncaregiver employees and residents age 10 or older in certified child care centers now require DCF ran background checks to determine their eligibility to reside or work in a child care setting. The information and tools below exist to assist providers in being compliant with the new requirements.

El Requisito Para Programas De Cuidado Infantil: Verificaciones De Antecedentes Penales


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Certification Unique Questions

What type of child care background related information is the Certified Operator required to report to the department?

In order for the department to conduct the required Child Care Background Checks, the Certified Operator must report:

  • Whenever anyone 10 years of age or older moves in or out of the program.
  • Any incident involving law enforcement within 24 hours after the occurrence that involves a licensee, a household resident or an employee of the program in an incident that causes, or threatens to cause, physical or serious emotional harm to an individual, including a child in the care of the center.
  • Any traffic-related incident where a person responsible for the violation transports children in the care of the center
  • Any known convictions, pending charges or other offenses of the certified operator, employee, household member, or other person subject to a CBC that may relate to the care of children by DCF’s next business day.
  • Any suspected abuse or neglect of a child by a provider, volunteer or household member that was reported.
  • Any inappropriate discipline of a child by a provider volunteer or household member, including any incident that results in a child being forcefully shaken or throw against a hard or soft surface during the child’s hours of attendance. (Must be reported within 24 hours.)

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