Tribal Consultation

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The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families is committed to maintaining positive government-to-government relationships with the federally-recognized tribal governments of Wisconsin. The Department is committed to employ its best efforts to achieve positive outcomes from its consultation and collaboration with Tribes. The Department of Children and Families currently holds annual consultation sessions with Tribal leaders. On this page you will find a link to the Department's Consultation Policy and the Consultation Action Plan that results from the consultation sessions.

Tribal Consultation Policy

Government-to-government relations involve respectful and cooperative communication and dealings that are designed to achieve a consensus before a decision is made or an action is taken. The goal of this policy is to improve the planning, implementation, delivery, and access to programs and services for children and families by tribal governments.

Tribal Consultation Policy  

Tribal Consultation Meetings

The Secretary of the Department of Children and Families, in consultation with tribal leadership, schedules annual consultation sessions to review the accomplishments and effectiveness of the current year’s action plan. Below you will find information for the current year’s consultation session as well as information from previous consultation sessions.

2023 Consultation Meeting 
2022 Kinship Care Consultation Meeting 
2022 Consultation Meeting 
2019 Consultation Meeting 
2018 Consultation Meeting