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  • Organized under the 12 content areas used in the Wisconsin Core Competencies
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Administration and Management

Organizational and business management for quality programming and services

12 Reasons People Love to Work for You
by Roger Neugebauer, Exchange, November/December 2015

Guidelines for Fine Tuning Your Salary Schedule
by Roger Neugebauer, Child Care Information Exchange, May 1994

Is Your Salary Schedule Up to Speed?
by Roger Neugebauer, Child Care Information Exchange, March 1994

The Teacher-Floater: Let’s Define Best Practices
by Elizabeth Morgan Russell, Texas Child Care, Summer 2016

Child Development

Child growth and development, valuing each child as an individual with unique biology, interests, needs, potential, and relationships

Caring Relationships: The Heart of Early Brain Development
by J. Ronald Lally and Peter Mangione, Young Children, May 2017

The Challenge of Boys in Early Childhood Education
by Francis Wardle, Community Playthings, August 9, 2016

Embracing Rough and Tumble Play
by Mike Huber, Community Playthings, September 20, 2016

When Young Children Explore Anatomy: Dilemma or Development?
by Karen Petty, Texas Child Care, Winter 2001    


The unique nature of every individual and family including, but not limited to, culture, national origin, language, family structure, disability, religious beliefs, economic status, and child-rearing practices

Courtesy of the Heart
by J. Ronald Lally, WestEd, The Program for Infant/Toddler Care

The Goals of Anti-Bias Education: Clearing Up Some Key Misconceptions
by Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Olsen Edwards, Exchange, May/June 2016

Helping Latino Families Transition to Child Care
by John Garcia and Shann Hwa Hwang, Texas Child Care, Summer 2015

Holidays and Anti-Bias Education: Being Thoughtful and Creative
by Julie Bisson and Louise Derman-Sparks, Exchange, September/October 2016

Re-examining Our Views of Black Boys
by Iheoma U. Iruka, Exchange, March/April 2017

Family and Community Relationships

Partnerships and collaboration between families and agencies/organizations to meet child and family needs

Digital Age Family Engagement: The Role of Media Mentors
by Chip Donohue, Exchange, March/April 2017

Helping Military Children Make Better Adjustments: A Working Partnership between Parents and Teachers
by Shann Hwa Hwang and Lena Jackson-Lynch, Texas Child Care, Spring 2015

Family Systems and Dynamics

Complex and diverse family relationships, dynamics, and systems

10 Tips to Crash-Proof Families in Cash-Strapped Times
by Roslyn Duffy, Child Care Information Exchange, January/February 2009

Father-Child Interactions: Effects of Financial Stress and Couple Conflict
by Shann Hwa Hwang, Nerissa LeBlanc Gillum, John Garcia, Felicia Murray, and Theresa Lindsay, Texas Child Care, Spring 2014

On Second Thought.… Why Some Families Don’t Seem Involved
by Kimberlee Spencer, Texas Child Care, Summer 2014

Guidance and Nurturing

Supportive strategies for encouraging social/emotional development and addressing challenging behaviors; the influence of temperament and emotional regulation capacity on children’s behavior

Back to Basics: Child Guidance: Getting Inside the Child’s World
Texas Child Care, Fall 2015

Back to Basics: Child Guidance: School-Agers
Texas Child Care, Summer 2015

Eight Questions All Teachers Ask about Guidance
by Louise Parks, Texas Child Care, Spring 2016

Guiding Toddlers - Questions and Answers about Autonomy and Self-Control
Texas Child Care, Summer 2009  

Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Supports that promote children’s health, safety, nutrition, physical activity, and adaptations for special needs in partnership with families

Free Lunch: Managing Special Diets for Children with Food Allergies and Sensitivities
by Heather Pond Lacey, Texas Child Care, Summer 2016

Making More Room for Physical Activity in Home-Based Child Care
by Nanci Weinberger, Texas Child Care, Fall 2013

Outdoor Play: Supervision Promotes Safety and Health
by Elizabeth Morgan Russell, Texas Child Care, Spring 2016

Learning Experiences, Strategies, and Curriculum

Learning environments, experiences, and adaptive strategies that support families and meet each child’s needs, capabilities, and interests

20 Ways to Encourage Children's Resourcefulness and Creativity
by Karen Stephens, Child Care Information Exchange, May/June 2007

Always Busy: Little Learnings for Idle Moments
Texas Child Care, Fall 2014

The Best Toys – and Teaching Materials – Are (Almost) Free
Texas Child Care, Summer 2008

Block Play: Classroom Essentials
Texas Child Care, Summer 2009 

Creating a Caring Community of Learners
Texas Child Care, Fall 2016

Developmentally Appropriate STEM: It's STREAM! (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Arts, and Math)
by Dan Gartrell, Exchange, May/June 2016

Focusing on Learning, Not Teaching
by Tracy Galuski and Arlene Rider, Exchange, November/December 2017

The Importance of Play in the Preschool Classroom
by Karen Sue Sussman, Texas Child Care, Winter 2012

The Project Approach and STEM: A Powerful Combination
by Sylvia Chard, Community Playthings, February 23, 2016

What All Children Need
by Jim Greenman

Observation, Screening, and Assessment

Appropriate tools and methods for understanding child interactions, knowledge, and skills, as a means to support the child’s development and make appropriate referrals for further evaluation

Comprehensive Early Childhood Screening and Assessment Systems: Thinking Outside the Box
by Gaye Tylka and Mary Louise Peters, WASCD Highlighter, Fall 2015

Loving’s Not Enough: Planning for Meaningful Learning and Authentic Assessment
Texas Child Care, Fall 2011

Seeing Children’s Lively Minds at Work
by Deb Curtis, Child Care Information Exchange, March/April 2009

Planning, Reflection, and Evaluation

Examining one’s own thoughts, attitudes, feelings, actions, strengths, and challenges, and applying increased knowledge, skills, and dispositions when providing high-quality programs and services

Think Before You (Inter)act: What It Means to Be an Intentional Teacher
by Ann S. Epstein, Child Care Information Exchange, January/February 2009

The Value of Having a Thicker Skin in a (Sometimes) Thin-skinned Profession
by Sean Durham and Holly Elissa Bruno, Exchange, September/October 2016


Working with children and families in a professional, reflective manner; participating as a collaborative partner with other professionals; utilizing strategies to evaluate program outcomes

Calling All Leaders: Guiding Professional Relationships through National Expectations
by Bridget A. Walsh, Hyun-Joo Jeon, and Jencie Davies, Texas Child Care, Winter 2014

Creating a Personalized Learning Network for Professional Development and Growth
by Sharon Thompson Hirschy, Exchange, May/June 2016

Looking at the Quality of Early Childhood Programs – What Does It Feel Like to Be a Child in This Environment?
by Lilian G. Katz, PhD, Exchange, March/April 1992

Tools for the Strategic Leader: Reflection, Reframing, and Systems Thinking
by Billie Young, Exchange, September/October 2016

Special Needs, Disabilities, and Inclusive Practices

Values, policies, and practices that support the right of every child and family, regardless of ability, to participate in a broad range of activities and contexts as full members of families, communities, and society

Back to Basics: Inclusive Classrooms
Texas Child Care, Winter 2015

Inclusiveness in Action: Child Care and the Americans with Disabilities Act
by Linda Crisalli, Exchange, September/October 2016

Trauma-Informed Teaching and Design Strategies
by Ileen Schwartz-Henderson, Exchange, September/October 2016