Level 3-5 Treatment Foster Care

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Milwaukee County Child Protective Services

Information for Child Placing Agencies, DCF 56

You must be licensed as a Child Placing Agency (CPA) for placement of children under a Child in Need of Protection and Services (CHIPS) order before requesting a contract with DMCPS.

The registration and contract process is open: any newly licensed CPA, or existing CPA not currently under contract, may submit a registration form to DMCPS at any time during the calendar year. For CPAs currently under contract, a registration form must be submitted annually and is due by the date listed on the registration form. A link to the registration form and the Scope of Service for the current contract year and the next contract year is below.

It is important that you submit a completed registration form to avoid delaying the registration and contracting process. The information in your registration form will also be used by the Contracted Case Management Agencies and the Placement Referral Unit to make appropriate placement referrals for children/youth. Following a satisfactory paper review, a site visit may be scheduled by the DMCPS Contract Administrator.

Please note: Although a contract may be granted, DMCPS does not guarantee the placement of children within any CPA or home. All placements are determined based on the specific needs of the child.

Submit completed forms to DCFDMCPSProvider@wisconsin.gov