Putting Families First Playbook

Agency leaders are critical to the success of Wisconsin’s Putting Families First transformation. While the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) makes every effort to reach a wide range of stakeholder groups at the state level, a crucial piece of system transformation is having key conversations with stakeholders at the agency level. Over the past few years, there have been real, transformative changes happening through local advocacy and partnership. 

What is the Putting Families First Playbook? The Playbook is an online resource for agency directors and managers as they think about how to build, grow and leverage local partnerships in support of Putting Families First and keeping families together. 

How can agency leaders use the Putting Families First Playbook? Agency leaders can pull the most compelling key messages and quotes into conversations with stakeholder groups, presentations and talking points with the goal of generating conversation and buy-in across the state. The Playbook is meant to support agency leaders as they prepare for conversations with system partners about how critical Putting Families First is to Wisconsin's children, families and communities thriving.

Are there materials in the Putting Families First Playbook that agency leaders can share with stakeholders? In the “Additional Resources” section found throughout the Playbook, agency leaders can find helpful handouts to share directly with stakeholders. These handouts may include DCF materials (like our one-pager "Judicial & Legal Stakeholders: Supporting In-Home Planning") or relevant materials from reputable outside sources. Playbook content itself—key messages to use with stakeholders, quotes, data, etc.—is written for agency leaders to tailor to their audiences.

Additional communications resources will be added based on workforce feedback. Agency leaders can email the Putting Families First Team to send us their thoughts.

DCF would like to thank the many child welfare agencies and local stakeholders who reviewed, vetted and provided quotes and success stories for this effort!

Putting Families First Overview

General messages about Putting Families First and the child welfare system that are relevant for all stakeholders.



Putting Families First visual
Putting Families First Playbook stakeholders graphic

Key Messages for Stakeholders

Targeted messages for specific stakeholder groups about Putting Families First. These sections also include success stories and quotes from stakeholders themselves.



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