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Benefit Recovery Forms

  • Write Off Request Form - Fax or email this completed form to the Public Assistance Collection Section to request adjustment or write-off of claims that are over 60 days old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I delete a RePayment Agreement on BVPA?

BVPA is the screen in BV that repayment agreements (RPAs) are entered on and tracked. Enter all RPAs promptly when received, as a person that is making payments but has no RPA entered will go delinquent. If a person has renegotiated a RPA or you need to enter updated information on the agreement, use BVSL to create a new RPA to clear out fields on BVPA. Do not send this RPA to the client, and just update the now clear fields on BVPA. RPAs can no longer be deleted on BVPA, because the delinquency information was also deleted when a RPA was deleted.

What do I do with a returned RPA for two people?

When a RPA is returned for two people that are liable for the same claim(s), it is important that it is entered for both people on BVPA. Take the amount to be paid each month, and divide it by 2. Enter that as the monthly amount for both people on BVPA. It is also important to split the payment between both people each month. If the RPA is entered for only one individual, the other individual will go delinquent regardless of how the payment is entered each month. Likewise, if the payment is entered for one person each month, the other person will go delinquent regardless of how the RPA was entered.

How do I write off a claim?

Before the claim is 60 days old, the claim may be written off by the local agency. After 60 days, the claim must be written off by the Public Assistance Collection Section (PACS). Please fill out the Write off Request Form and send or fax it to the PACS at:

PO Box 8938
Madison, WI 53708
Fax: (608)422-7152
What is expected of the agency worker in a tax intercept hearing?

In a tax intercept hearing, the most important thing to prove is either untimeliness or delinquency and that correct procedure was followed. The agency must be prepared to present all relevant notices, including dunning notices from CARES or CWW and tax intercept notices from CRES. PACS will provide a copy of the relevant tax intercept notice to DHA when a hearing is requested. If the tax intercept notice cannot be located, please contact the PACS at 1-800-943-9499 to obtain a copy. Please be aware that the ALJ is not bound by law to limit the scope of the hearing to only the tax intercept issue. In certain cases, the ALJ may decide to review the validity of the overpayment. Therefore, the agency should always be prepared to support the merits of an overpayment at a tax intercept hearing.