The ePayment Option

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The ePayment process is an additional way to accept repayments from customers for public assistance debts.

On the Web site, there are instructions for first time users and contact information for the Public Assistance Collection Section for questions, problems or assistance. The ePayment system interfaces with CARES to provide current debt balances and post payments. The ePayment also allows the user to update their address information before making a repayment. Key information about the ePayment system:

  • ePayments are made on the internet through the DWD ePayment Center;
  • This process is voluntary and FREE to users;
  • Payees (clients or child care providers) need a checking or savings account and access to the internet to make an epayment;
  • The payee must have their CARES personal identification number (PIN) to make an ePayment; and
  • Payees can make a one-time payment or set up an ongoing payment schedule.

E-Payment Frequently Asked Questions

What is my User Id and Password?

To create a user id and password, enter a payment amount in the box titled payment and select 'make payment.' Under the Log-In box select the 'Register' Link and create an account. Please retain your User ID and Password for future use.

Why can't I select the 'Make Payment' button?

To 'activate' the make payment option, a payment amount is required in the box labeled payment.

How can I make my payment recurring?

To make the payments deduct automatically, simply select the recurring option versus the one time payment option. Be sure to specify the correct frequency of the deduction.

Can I make a payment utilizing a debit or credit card?

No. E-payment is only accepted by utilizing the routing and account number linked to a regular checking or savings account. We hope to allow these types of payments in the future.

Can I make a payment via phone?

No. Payments are not accepted via phone. Other than making repayment via e-payment, payments are accepted by US mail by check or money order. Please reference the personal identification number (PIN) on all forms of payment and mail to:

Public Assistance Collection Section (PACS)
PO Box 8938
Madison, WI 53708-8938
My account is paid, but the payment was still deducted. How do I stop the recurring payment?

Recurring payments are set up by the user. To stop recurring payments, please log into the ePayment account using the User ID and Password and stop the recurring payment. If further assistance is needed, please contact the Public Assistance Collection Section at (800) 943-9499. If over collection has occurred due to a continued recurring payment, a refund will be sent to you via US Mail.