Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

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KidStat is DCF's Performance Management Program. When KidStat was first introduced in 2009, each Division identified areas to measure which capture DCF's commitments to the population it serves.  KidStat measures the impact DCF is having on the critical issues facing Wisconsin's children and families.  It tracks results for the programs DCF administers and identifies specific areas and opportunities for improvement.

The reports below are compiled biannually using data from the most recent quarterly KidStat.  To obtain reports prior to 2014, please email DCFKidStatCal@wisconsin.gov.

  1. KidStat July- December 2016 Performance Report
  2. KidStat January - June 2016 Performance Report
  3. KidStat July - December 2015 Performance Report
  4. KidStat January - June 2015 Performance Report
  5. KidStat July- December 2014 Performance Report
  6. KidStat January - June 2014 Performance Report