Child Welfare Performance Dashboards

The vision of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families is that all Wisconsin children and youth are safe and loved members of thriving families and communities. We reinforce that vision with our priorities of:

  • Safely transforming the child welfare and youth justice system to dramatically increase the proportion of children supported in their homes and communities and;
  • Dedicating additional resources to support vulnerable and historically complex underserved youth, specifically teenage girls, kids with complex care needs, and youth transitioning out of the foster care system.

The Ongoing dashboards include the federal Child and Family Service Reviews (CFSR) measures. This pdf document includes diagrams which help explain how those measures are calculated.

(Click here for a slideshow version)

Notice: we have updated the landing page of the Child Welfare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) dashboards. You can now:

  • view all KPIs at the same time,
  • filter all metrics at the same time by county or region, and
  • adjust the time period for all the metrics at the same time

We have also revised the downloadable data files, which are now combined into one Excel file. Some of the column names have also been updated for clarity.