The Children's Mobile Crisis Team for Foster Parents

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Milwaukee County Child Protective Services (MCPS)

The Children's Mobile Crisis Team (CMC)(formerly known as the Mobil Urgent Treatment Team MUTT)

  • Emergency Service by Phone: Mental health professionals staff a 24- hour phone line. Foster parents may call for advice, referral to mental health services, or face-to-face assistance during an immediate crisis.
    • Phone: (414) 257-7621
  • Face-to-Face Contact for Crisis Intervention: When necessary, the MUTT-FF team visits the home to stabilize the child and advise the foster parent/relative caregiver.
  • Crisis 1 to 1 Stabilization Workers:  Trained and experienced crisis support staff provide face-to-face contact and teach crisis prevention and stabilization skills to foster parents/relative caregivers for up to 30 days after an intervention.
  • Crisis Response Plan:  Following a crisis intervention, the MUTT-FF team, together with the foster family and others involved in case management, develop a 30-day service plan. Short-term counseling or treatment services necessary to stabilize the child in placement and support the family are offered. A long-term crisis plan is created for children found at a high risk of recurrent mental health, emotional, or behavioral crisis.

If your foster child is experiencing a behavioral or emotional problem that you cannot handle alone, first try to reach the team members who know you and your child.  Call the child's case manager or licensing specialist, or contact the therapist if the child has one. If you are unable to get the assistance you need from the team, call (414) 257-7621. Calls are answered at all times.

Your call will be answered by a crisis counselor. Together, you will decide whether or not you need the counselor's in-home assistance to stabilize the situation. If a counselor comes to your house, he or she will observe the child's behavior and talk with you about ways to help you better support your child. The counselor will stay until you feel comfortable that everyone in the home is safe.

The counselor will notify the child's case manager and your foster care licensing specialist to report a call has been received and describe the situation and solution offered. There may be a team meeting to discuss services and to ensure that you are getting what you need to maintain a safe placement for your foster child.

The Mobile Urgent Treatment Team for Foster Families is provided through a grant from the Department of Children and Families. There is no cost to foster parents or relative caregivers for use of this service.