Milwaukee County Child Protective Services (MCPS)

Complaint Process

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our work, please contact us speak about your concerns. Many times, we find that an explanation of an action we have taken is all that is needed to resolve the problem. If you have concerns about how your case is being handled, services you are being provided, or you have not been given the opportunity to carry out your responsibilities, you may file a complaint. No action can be taken against you, your children, or the children you care for because you have filed a complaint. Families working with the DMCPS have the right to make a complaint about actions taken or not taken.

In partnering with the community, DMCPS is also interested in hearing your ideas on how we can better serve the families of Milwaukee County.

Whenever possible, start your complaint in the DMCPS  or contracted agency program that you have been working with. Families are assigned to staff within different programs. The staff member provided you with a business card. Begin by calling the person listed on that card. If you do not have the business card and do not know the staff member assigned to you, please contact DMCPS.

Recommended Order of Contact:

  1. Assigned staff/caseworker
  2. Staff/caseworker's Supervisor
  3. Upper Management OR Client Rights Specialist

Once you have contacted the assigned program staff member, tell him/her about the problem you are having. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, ask that the complaint be sent to the supervisor. If the supervisor cannot resolve the problem, he/she will take it to upper levels of administration for further resolution. The supervisor may also ask assistance from the MCPS Client Rights Specialist. Or, you may call the Client Rights Specialist directly at (414) 220-7064 after working with the supervisor.

Agency Contact Information

  1. DMCPS: 414-343-5500 or email the Milwaukee Child Protective Services - Client Rights Specialist
  2. Wellpoint Care Network: 414-463-1880
  3. Children's Wisconsin: 414-453-1400

Other Concerns

Email DMCPS - Provider Concerns

For information about how to Appeal a Substantiation of Maltreatment click here.