Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services Careers


The Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services (DMCPS) offers many opportunities for you to serve children and families in our community.

Our Mission is to have safe children and healthy families in Milwaukee County.

To achieve our vision, we will respond to concerns of child safety and through partnership with families and the community, focus on keeping children safely at home.

We will:

  • Promote family-centered services to help families enhance their skills to safely parent their children
  • Build collaborative partnerships with families and stakeholders
  • Focus on safety and timely permanence for children
  • Recruit and retain staff who practice in an ethical and culturally responsive manner
  • Support staff, celebrate their work, and resolve differences with respect, assuming positive intent
  • Believe in the ability of people to change

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Types of Positions Available at the Division:

  • Initial Assessment and Access specialists – Positions may be available on both first and second shift - See below for more details

  • Office Associates and Program Assistants help support every aspect of the day to day operations of the Division.

  • Case Aides and Interns provide support to administrative and initial assessment staff through non-permanent positions.

  • Program and Policy Analysts evaluate programming, monitor contracts and create policies.

  • Professional Development team members and Mentors provide training and ongoing educational opportunities for agency staff.

  • Children’s Health Unit Professionals work in collaboration with Initial Assessment Specialist to monitor the medical needs of children during the assessment process.

  • Managerial Positions

Initial Assessment Specialists:

Working in Initial Assessment with the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services is a rewarding and challenging career opportunity. Initial Assessment specialists are part of a community of professionals that collaborate to keep children safe.

DMCPS receives community referrals through our child abuse and neglect hotline (220- SAFE). Once a referral is made and follow up is determined to be needed, Initial Assessment specialists assess for safety by meeting with children and their families in their homes, schools or in the community.

By working with families and caregivers Initial Assessment specialists are able to help families address their children’s immediate needs. This is accomplished through the involvement of family and friends, referrals to community resources or participation in our voluntary programs. When the safety of children in the home cannot be guaranteed, as a last resort, alternative options are sought.

Initial Assessment specialists work together with community partners in order to complete their assessments. These partners include: Schools, police departments, hospital staff, attorneys and judges. Written documentation and analysis of all of the information collected from caregivers, children, community partners and collaterals is crucial to ensure the continued safety of all children. Initial Assessment specialists work first or second shift and provide after-hours, weekend and holiday coverage, as needed, with paid incentives.

This Job is right for you if...

…you enjoy engaging with children and families in the community.

…you are skilled at information collection, written analysis and composition.

…you enjoy working in a fast paced, ever-changing environment.

…you are a passionate and dynamic individual ready to join a team of dedicated professionals serving children and families in Milwaukee County!

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Access Specialists

Many Initial Assessment specialists work in the Access department. Access unit intake workers answer a community referral hotline and conduct structured telephone interviews concerning child abuse and neglect or other concerns involving children. Since many callers ask for assistance with social needs, Access specialists are familiar with community resources serving families. Access staff write detailed reports of all calls and enter them into an automated information system, they search historical reports and make recommendations for a Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services response.


If you have any questions please call Kayla in Human Resources at 414-343-5829.