Safety Assessment and Planning Revisions

The CPS safety intervention process plays a critical role towards achieving DCF’s Putting Families First effort to keep families and children together by serving them in-home with resources and services. Since 2020, the Case Management Strategy workgroup has been working on reviewing Wisconsin’s Safety Model in order to identify enhancements to the existing framework, including strengthening the family assessment process to better identify danger threats related to child and family needs. As a result of recommendations from this initial work, the Safety Revisions workstream was developed. 

For an update on safety revisions, please watch the brief information video below.

Safety Revisions Overview

The Safety Revisions workgroup is charged with making strategic revisions to Wisconsin’s safety analysis and planning process. Currently, the language and process for safety assessment and planning in Wisconsin is complex, cumbersome, and inconsistent statewide. This can result in a narrow identification of danger threats without holistic consideration of the family. The resulting experience disempowers families and impacts outcomes. Revisions to the safety planning process aim to engage families early in the child protective services’ (CPS) safety assessment process, gather rich information about their family to inform understanding of safety and address the impacts of implicit biases and systems of oppression. This work is divided into two categories: 

  1. Changes to danger threat language 
  2. Changes to process and documentation in eWiSACWIS

Danger Threat Language Revisions 


  • Refine the safety assessment process and danger threat language to be culturally responsive, equitable and just.
  • Refine and improve the safety assessment and planning framework that facilitates upfront safety decisions that are informed by engagement with families to guide the case process and keep more children and youth safely in their homes.

Next Steps

The June 2022 eWiSACWIS release will include the first phase of changes to danger threat language. Additional, more substantive changes to danger threat language will occur in 2023-2024. 

Information & Resources 

Safety Revisions Contact Information 

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