How to Calculate Your Staff Base Amount

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DCF has created this handy Staff Base Amount Calculator to help you calculate any changes in staff count after September 2023. You must keep documentation showing how funds were divided and spent.

If your staff counts have changed, you may need to re-calculate each staff member’s portion of the Base Per-Staff funds. You can use this Staff Base Amount Calculator to determine what your base per-staff amounts are for a given month.

Follow the instructions to calculate your program staff's base amount for each month for the remainder of Child Care Counts.  



  1. Enter the total Staff Base Amount listed on your payment letter.
  2. Enter the number of part-time staff for that particular month's count week.
  3. Enter the number of full-time staff for that particular month's count week.
  4. Click the Calculate button.


The Part-Time Per-Staff Base Amount  and Full-Time Per-Staff Amount will be calculated and displayed below the Calculate button. This will show how your Base Per-Staff amounts were determined for that particular month. That amount must be used for each staff person included in that month's Count Week toward the goal of maintaining existing compensation (wages, bonuses, or benefits).

Staff Base Amount Calculator