Partner Training Team Onsite Requests

The onsite request forms are used to request an in-house classroom course to be presented in your agency.  Select the options below to request additional assistance for you and your staff, or submit your interest in a particular course.

Onsite Technical Assistance

As a supervisor, you may find you need additional assistance in training and development for yourself and your staff. The Partner Training Team (PTT) can provide onsite technical assistance. This assistance may include, but is not limited to:

  • Short training sessions on specific topics. 
    An example of this may be requesting that a PTT trainer come to your agency and attend a staff meeting to present and answer questions on a specific topic, such as performance outcome payments for W-2 agencies, or performance measures for Child Support agencies.
  • General support within your agency.
    This general support may mean a request for a PTT trainer to be onsite in your agency for a specific period of time to assist workers with issues and questions as they arise, case processing, or sitting in on intakes and reviews with customers.

To request general technical assistance support, please complete the Onsite Technical Assistance form.

Note: This form is for TANF/W-2 and Child Support requests only. 

Onsite Class Requests

At times, it may make more sense for the Partner Training Team to bring a training course to you, rather than offering it in a general regional area. When we bring a course to you, we do require a minimum number of staff to be in attendance. If the location of the training allows for additional staff to attend, we prefer to open up the session to other workers in your geographic location. Once a request is made, Partner Training staff will work with you to finalize all of the logistical arrangements.

To request a current course presentation in your agency, please complete the online Onsite Class Request form.

Note: This form is for TANF/W-2 and Child Support requests only.