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What is the role of the Partner Training Team?

The Partner Training Team (PTT) helps agency workers understand policy and how it applies to their daily work. PTT also offers courses to help workers understand their customers and to provide quality services. PTT works closely with staff who create policy and systems to provide the best training for each worker’s role at each partner agency.


Our Value Statements

The Partner Training Team believes that:

  1. The customers we provide services to are our most important asset. We must respect them at all times. Our customers include:
    • W-2;
    • Child Support;
    • Workforce development and human services agency staff;
    • Department of Children and Families (DCF) staff;
    • The public;
    • Community agencies staff; and
    • Our co-workers.
  2. A flexible, friendly, and professional environment promotes integrity and continuous improvement.
  3. Open communication encourages innovation and creativity.
  4. It is vital to recognize individual and organizational achievements often, and in public.
  5. Teamwork allows us to achieve common goals and maximize resources.
  6. Staff will have the training tools and support necessary to respond to the needs of our customers.
  7. Continuous improvement is the only way to achieve our mission and vision.


What areas of training are offered through Partner Training? 

PTT provides training on:

  • Wisconsin Works (W-2) and Related Programs;
  • Child Support;
  • Refugee Assistance;
  • Workforce Development Strategies; and
  • Case Management practices.


What methods of training are available to my agency?  

PTT offers trainings locally, regionally, and statewide through:

  • In-person classroom training;
  • Virtual classroom webinars;
  • Recorded online trainings;
  • Desk Aids; and
  • Onsite assistance;

Information on all current courses is available online in the Learning Center

If you are interested in scheduling training for your agency or region, please complete an Onsite Class Request.