RMS Responding to Sample Observations

  • Based on the system generated sample set created at the end of every quarter, workers are sent system generated RMS sample observation e-mails. The e-mails lists the “from” address as IM/CCRMS2 or IM/CCRMS3, depending on the RMS county group to which your county is assigned. In the subject line, the group number, sample number, last name and type of email (initial notification or reminder) is shown. An original notification email is sent out at the exact same date and time of the RMS sample. Six hours after the original notification was sent, a second RMS email is sent with ‘reminder’ in the subject line. Four hours before the sample expires, a third email is sent, again with ‘reminder’ in the subject line. The second and third emails (‘reminder’) also go to the supervisor or liaison that the employee is linked to on their RMS roster.

  • Workers then click on the link to RMS in the RMS e-mail and log into the RMS website. The website allows workers to select the program(s) that they are working on from a drop-down box. The program selected should specifically list the programs that were being worked on or affected at the time of the sample. For example, if you were working on both FS and MA, if there is no specific program option that lists both of those programs, then the 025 – IM programs only option should be selected. If you working on CC, BC, and MA, there is a specific program that lists all three codes, CC/BC/MA, and that should be selected. If not, the code 075 – IM/CC program option should be selected. (025 should be used when no CC is involved and 075 should be used when CC is also involved.)

  • Program code 370 is used when coding for break, lunch, leave, vacation, sick, fmla, pto, off for county holidays, bldg closed for emergency (i.e., snow, fire), when sampled outside of normal work hrs or when working on general administrative activities (and no other program choice applies).

  • After selecting the program(s), a drop-down box for activities is then provided. Workers should select the best applicable activity choice.

  • Workers should also record the case number if they are working on a case. Case numbers are collected for federal or state audit purposes, and strict confidentiality will be maintained. If a case number has not been assigned, or is not available, then the client’s name or the Request for Assistance (RFA) number should be reported.

  • There is also a section for comments to be entered. Enter comments that indicate the program and activity when you use the social services program code and a comment noting the activity when you use the “other” activity code. You can also enter other comments if you want to provide additional information.

  • The worker’s response needs to reflect what the worker was doing at the exact random moment sample time.

    • It is important that all sample observation e-mails are responded to within a 24 hour period (excluding weekends or non-polling days). Supervisors/liaisons may update an employee’s RMS sample directly in RMS if the employee was on leave at the exact time of the sample. If samples are not updated within the above 24 hour timeframe, then the sample will be manually closed out with coding for ‘not valid – no response from employee.’ Once an expired sample has been closed out, it can only be updated by the RMS administrator if the employee was on ‘leave’ or in program related training at the time of the sample.

    • If an employee was on ‘leave’ or in program related training at the exact time of the sample, then the employee or supervisor/liaison should ‘reply’ to the expired email and state that the samplee was on ‘leave’ or in program related training. If in training, they should note the program name(s). That email goes to a generic RMS inbox which is checked several times a day, is processed, and then responded to.

  • If the DCF RMS administrator receives an auto out of office reply email, they may enter program code 370 – not specific to any other program choice and activity code 620 – vacation, sick leave, etc., – leave. An email will be sent to the employee and supervisor stating, “Based on the email, RMS was updated. If the above information is NOT correct, the employee should respond so RMS Staff can update the information in RMS. Also, please note… if you were sampled outside of normal business hours, specifically note that in your email to the RMS administrator. The response into RMS is different than if you were on vacation, pto, sick, fmla, etc.’

  • If workers need to call in a response, they should leave their name, group number, and the observation number, along with the program(s), activity(ies), and case number and an explanation as to why the sample wasn’t updated directly in RMS. Email is the preferred response method so an audit trail is created.


April 10, 2015