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RMS Random Moment Sampling Major Points

  • All IM workers with e-mail access are included in the sampling. The samples are randomly selected by a computer in advance of the quarter. If you happen to get observations close together, we are not picking on you. The chances are just as good that you will not get any for a number of days in a row.

  • It is important to respond to ensure that we get a valid number of responses or the resulting statistics will not be valid and will negatively affect federal funding. If enough samples aren’t being responded to, it could result in an increase of the number of overall samples.

  • Observations expire after 24 hours. Samples can only be updated after they expire, if the samplee was on leave or in program related training at the exact time of the sample.

  • If observations are expired, please ‘reply’ to any RMS email for that sample. If you must create a new email, include your group number and observation number.

  • If you are e-mailing because you were out of the office, be sure to tell us if you were on leave time, it was your normal day off, or you were at training (include the program related to the training). All of these are recorded differently so that is why we ask.

  • CARES worker web (CWW) training is recorded to IM/CC Common and Program Specific Training. If you are at new worker training related to a specific program, be sure to use the program specific code.

  • If you are working on a case or programs, always use the SPECIFIC program codes such as FS/MA/CC, FS, MA, etc. If you are working on a case, please include the case number.

  • The allocation matrix shows the program codes and activity codes that work in the system. This document and other informational materials are located on the RMS website: http://dcf.wisconsin.gov/rms.

  • If you were on a break, at lunch, on leave, vacation, sick, fmla, pto, office closed for county holiday, or closed due to emergency (i.e., fire, snow), use program code “370 - not specific to a program” program code and activity code “610.”

  • The logon account you use for RMS is the DWD/Wisconsin logon account, a.k.a. RMS WIExt account. This is the same account used for CSAW (child care application), DWD work web, and other web-based applications at DWD. It is not the same ID for CARES or any other system unless you used the same information when those IDs were created.

  • When logging in, if the password area in the logon box goes blank after you hit enter, the correct password was not entered. Check your caps lock on your keyboard.

  • If you accidentally type the wrong password multiple times, e.g., had the caps lock on and your password is lower case, your account will lock.

  • If your password is not working, you can either call the DCF Service Desk (see numbers just below) or you can go to the https://accounts.dwd.wisconsin.gov/en/Home/Helpdesk page to reset your Wisconsin logon account password.

    •     Madison    - (608) 264-6323
    •     Milwaukee - (414) 264-6323
    •     Toll Free    - (855) 264-6323


  • If you try to recover your account via the website and you get a message that your e- mail is being used by more than one account or that DWD doesn’t recognize that address, you must call 608-266-7252. They will be able to consolidate your accounts so you have just one DWD/Wisconsin login associated with your e-mail address. The RMS administrator does not have access nor the security to reset/unlock passwords/accounts

  • Please call if you have any RMS questions! (800) 845-7603 or 608-266-2620.