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The eWiSACWIS Case Management Interface (CMI) is different things to different counties. For all counties, it is a local copy of the eWiSACWIS database, containing a subset of the data in eWiSACWIS that is relevant to the county. This local database is refreshed nightly through a State-supplied data replication process. Each county decides on the use of this local database, also known as the Replicated Database or Repl, that can include ad hoc reporting or interfacing with a county system. One or more Oracle Lite licenses are needed in order to implement the Repl database.

A county wanting to utilize the local eWiSACWIS database for ad hoc reporting probably already has one or more tools available to support this need. Any ODBC-compliant software package such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, or Crystal Reports can be used for this purpose. A county can contact the eWiSACWIS Help Desk if they need help in developing a query for an ad hoc report. However, the eWiSACWIS Help Desk does not provide support for the ad hoc reporting tool selected by each county.

A county may also want to extract eWiSACWIS data from the Repl database for the purpose of populating a local case management or financial system. This type of interface is one way only. The Repl database data is available for extract only. Any updates applied to this database are not reflected on the eWiSACWIS production database.

Each County, with the support of the eWiSACWIS Team, needs to analyze how the WiSACWIS data could help support their work in the local system. From this analysis will come the requirements for a eWiSACWIS to county system case management interface. This interface could potentially support cross-program reporting or alert workers using the county system of activity occurring in eWiSACWIS. A primary goal of a case management interface is to eliminate or minimize any double keying of the same data into two systems.

In order to jump-start a county’s effort in developing a case management interface, the eWiSACWIS Team has developed over thirty SQL queries and the Case Management Interface Extractor tool for running these queries. The CMI Extractor can create text or MS Excel file output from the SQL query results. This makes it more convenient to move eWiSACWIS data from the Repl database to a database on any county computing environment (e.g. AS/400, UNIX). The eWiSACWIS Team will assist counties with the use of the SQL queries. However, the CMI Extractor tool, developed using MS Access 2000, is provided with no warranty. The eWiSACWIS Team will not be responsible for maintaining this software. One or more copies of MS Access 2000 (or better) are required to use this tool.

Below are links to documents and tools that will help a county with their CMI. Refer to the Query Descriptions tab of the Data Specifications spreadsheet for a description and possible use for each of the thirty-some queries available. The CMI Client Selection document describes how the SQL queries process the family case WiSACWIS data so that it can be presented in a usable format for updating a county client-specific system. Please contact the WiSACWIS Team for questions or additional information concerning these documents or tools, or about anything else related to implementing a CMI.

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CMI File Name Contents
 Repl-Tables.pdf  WiSACWIS Tables included in the Repl database  
 CMI-Data-Specs.pdf  CMI Data Specs  
 CMI-Client-Selection.pdf  CMI Client Selection  
 CMI-Extractor-Manual.pdf  CMI Extractor Users Manual  
 CMI-Parm-Date-Slide-Show.pdf  CMI Parm Date Presentation  
 CMI-Sample-Bat-Files.zip  Sample CMI Bat Files for running CMI queries  
 CMI-Extractor-Updates-Tracker.pdf  CMI Extractor Changes Tracking  
 CMI-Plan.pdf  A generic task list for developing a CMI