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Worker Registration - FAQ

What is WAMS and why do I need it?

eWiSACWIS utilizes the State of Wisconsin internet security. The State's Web Access Management System (WAMS) allows authorized individuals to access State Internet applications using the same means of identification for all State Web applications. For example, a user can use the same Wisconsin User ID and password to access eWiSACWIS, Kinship Care or WANDA.

How do I get a WAMS ID?

WAMS provides a self-registration process (WAMS registration) to request a Wisconsin User ID and Password. Self-Registration allows you to create your own personal Wisconsin Login Account. This is your key to doing secure business with the State of Wisconsin over the Internet. This is your key to eWiSACWIS. This account belongs to you. It does not belong to your current employer.

Take care to remember and protect your User ID, Password and Secret Answer.

You must provide a valid, unique e-mail address to self-register for a Wisconsin Login Account. Correspondence regarding your Wisconsin User ID, password or other information about your Wisconsin Login Account will be sent to this e-mail address. You should register using the same name and e-mail address currently used in eWiSACWIS.

What if I already have a WAMS ID?

You do not need to create another WAMS account. State web applications are designed to use the same WAMS user account information. The same login ID & password can be used for multiple applications such as eWiSACWIS, WANDA, Kinship Care, GAC, etc. Let your supervisor or Security Delegate know if you already have a State WAMS so they can associate your current WAMS account with your eWiSACWIS access. Make sure your current WAMS account has the email address to match the current agency/county for eWiSACWIS.

What if I receive a message that my e-mail is already in use?

If you already have an account with WAMS- you may receive the message "The e-mail address you entered has already been registered and cannot be used by another person". If you use another application that uses WAMS, such as Kinship Care - you do not need to create another WAMS account. Your county Security Delegate will need to submit a security request to grant your WAMS account access to eWiSACWIS. If you've forgotten the login id or password, proceed to the WAMS Account Recovery.