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W-2 New Worker Training


W-2 New Worker Training (NWT) is required for all new W-2 Financial and Employment Planners (FEPs), Resource Specialists (RSs), and W-2 Case Managers (CMs).

Curriculums are determined and assigned by the Partner Training Team. W-2 NWT curriculums are available through the Learning Center for each job function.

W-2 new workers are required by Administrative Rule DCF103 to complete initial NWT within 6 months of hire date with the agency. Each job function completes a NWT track appropriate to the specific job duties. Note that a W-2 FEP who also performs the RS and/or CM function completes only the FEP NWT curriculum.


Accessing W-2 New Worker Training

The first step is to access the Registration Profile to request the appropriate curriculum for your job function. Get the Registration Profile from the homepage of the Learning Center. All registration is done through the Learning Center. The completion of each topic and of the prerequisites will be tracked automatically.


Getting Started In New Worker Training

There are a few things you need to do to prepare for New Worker Training. These include:

  1. Completing a Registration Profile identifying your job function and job duties. Complete this form and submit it as instructed.  Accurate completion is essential because your personal curriculum will be based on this form.
    • Complete all fields.
    • Be sure to check the correct New Worker Training curriculum(s) based on the new worker’s job function. Instructions and examples are provided in the Registration Profile.
  2. Request systems access through DCF Security - Contact your local security officer for the needed forms/websites
    • Request CARES Worker Web and Mainframe access
    • Create a WI Logon ID (WIEXT / ExtraNet ID)
  3. Ensure that the W-2 new worker’s workstation is prepared for New Worker Training. The Proper Computer Settings Document explains the computer settings that need to be in place when using the Learning Center. These settings allow your computer to communicate most effectively with the Learning Center, and update your training record with the proper completion statuses. The last page of the document has the appropriate responses to the most common security warning messages that you may encounter. Talk to your local IT staff prior to making any changes to workstation computer settings.
  4. Review the W-2 Training Requirements for new and experienced workers:


Initial W-2 New Worker Training

Once you have completed the preparation steps and you are entered into the Learning Center, you can begin your initial W-2 New Worker Training. Follow these steps to get started. Note that once started, W-2 New Worker Training should be completed within 5-9 weeks.

  1. Access the Learning Center and click the "Curriculum" link in the "My Information" section to access your W-2 New Worker Training curriculums. Curriculums are assigned by Partner Training staff. The Introductory curriculum is assigned based on job function reported on the New Worker Profile. All subsequent NWT curriculums are assigned when the prerequisite curriculum is complete. Completion requires finishing all components of each course within a curriculum and approval from Partner Training staff. 
  2. Once you have completed all required courses as listed in your curriculum(s), you will receive a certificate of completion from Partner Training related to your completed TANF curriculum(s).


If you have any questions related to W-2 New Worker Training, please contact PTTTrainingSupp@wisconsin.gov