Overpayment Adjustment Types

This page provides detail about the various Overpayment Adjustment Types that can be used to refund an Overpayment.


Balance Write - Off

Use this adjustment type in instances where the county has agreed to write-off a portion of the overpayment.

Manual Adjustment - Link to Check

This is a special type of adjustment. The purpose of this adjustment type is to allow you to immediately adjust an overpayment and link that adjustment to a Pending Check. You would use this type of adjustment to manually influence a Pending Check without having to wait for the payment adjustment batch to run. For example, a payment is already generated and attached to a Pending Check. The payment is for the full month. It is realized, after the fact that the placement had ended sometime during the month.


This adjustment type would be used to indicate at payment that was sent in by the provider to go against that provider's overpayment.


Use this adjustment type where a formal agreement of payment for an overpayment has been reached that is less than the original overpayment.

For example, the provider was overpaid $2,000.00 and after negotiations, the provider agrees to pay back $1,500.00 or the $2,000.00.


This adjustment type is automatically generated by the application with the monthly financial batch run.  It corresponds directly to the amount entered under the repayment method for an individual overpayment or for the provider as a whole.

Settlement Write - Off

This adjustment will be automatically created by the application when a user creates a "Settlement" adjustment type.  The Settlement Write-Off will be the difference between the original overpayment amount and the settlement amount.

For example, in the situation documented above under "Settlement" we had a settlement of $1,500.00 for a $2,000.00 overpayment.  The Settlement Write-Off will total $500.00 (the remaining balance of the original overpayment).