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Wisconsin’s Targeted Safety Support Funding (TSSF) serves families when children are unsafe and at risk of removal from their home. TSSF reduces trauma to children by keeping children safely in home with their families. It provides support and resources to build on family strengths.

The primary goal of the Wisconsin Targeted Safety Support Funds (TSSF) Program is to keep families together by:

  • Increasing parental protective capacities
  • Decreasing out-of-home placements
  • Helping families develop formal and informal supports
  • Reducing maltreatment to children

Supporting reunification planning to prevent re-entry The TSSF Program reduces trauma to children by:

  • Keeping children safe with their families
  • Providing support and resources to build on family strengths
  • Preventing future maltreatment

Targeted Safety Support Funds (TSSF) Program Overview

Targeted Safety Support Funds (TSSF) is the expanded version of In Home Safety Services and rolled-out in 2020.

TSSF can be used when a County or Tribal Child Welfare Agency finds that a child is unsafe but a plan is implemented to keep the child in their home. Families may be served with Targeted Safety Support Funds if these conditions exist at any time in the case process.

Targeted Safety Support Funds are available to participating agencies to use during the critical phases of the casework process. During these key times, TSSF is available for agencies to be reimbursed the cost of select services used during safety planning.

Targeted Safety Services Funding is operating in 63 county child welfare agencies and in two of the federally recognized tribes in Wisconsin. Milwaukee county (DMCPS) has a similar but distinct program called Intensive In-Home Services.

Targeted Safety Support Funds (TSSF) Program Informational Documents and Reports

Targeted Safety Support Funds Annual Report

This form is used annually for agencies participating in Targeted Safety Support Funds to report their outcomes. Annual reports are due 90 days after the completed contract. You will be required to login using your WisconsinID to fill out the form.



Targeted Safety Support Funds (TSSF) Additional Resources

Allowable Cost Policy Manual provides the principles and guidelines for determining the allowability of costs charged to Department programs.

Child Protective Services (CPS) Safety Intervention Standards specify the requirements necessary to manage safety assessment and planning in CPS practice in the state of Wisconsin.

Protective Planning Webinar presents video and resources for Present Danger Assessments and Protective Plans in Wisconsin.

Child Protective Services Safety Intervention Standards Policy Memo 2016-01 instructs on Protective Planning Documentation in eWiSACWIS, Protective Planning with Indian Children, and Updates to Safety Intervention Standards.

Wisconsin Indian Child Welfare Act (WICWA) provides information on the required responsibilities for Indian child welfare practices in Wisconsin.

Targeted Safety Support Funds (TSSF) Contact Information

For information on the TSSF Program please contact: