National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) Partner Information

What is the National Youth in Transition Database?

The National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) is a national survey for youth who have experience with the foster care system. NYTD is the only national survey available to learn about the longer-term outcomes of youth who have experienced foster care.

The survey is for 17, 19, and 21-year old foster youth or former foster youth. The survey asks questions about:

  • Education
  • Employment and finances
  • Housing and experience with homelessness
  • Positive adult connections
  • High risk behavior
  • Access to health services and insurance

Take the NYTD survey discusses why it's important for youth transitioning out of foster care to take the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) survey provided by the Administration on Children and Families (ACF).

What youth are eligible to take the survey?

The baseline population is all youth who are in foster care at some point during the 45 days after their 17th birthday. The survey must be completed within 45 days of the youth’s 17th birthday.

The follow-up population is all young people who participated in the survey as part of the baseline at 17-years old. They must take the survey when they turn 19 and 21. The surveys must be completed within the 6-month reporting period of their birthday. The two reporting periods are:

  • October 1 – March 31
  • April 1 – September 30

Out-of-home care” or “foster care” means a:

  • foster home
  • treatment foster home
  • group home
  • residential care center
  • shelter care facility
  • the home of a relative not a parent
  • the home of a non-relative

where the child is under the placement and care responsibility of the Department of Children and Families or a county or tribal child welfare agency (i.e., county or tribal social or human services department)

How does a youth take the NYTD survey?

Youth are contacted by the University of Wisconsin Survey Center (UWSC). The UWSC contacts eligible 17-,19-, and 21-year old youth currently or formerly placed in foster care. They also contact caseworkers and independent living coordinators when a survey is due for a youth in their county or region.

For more details on how the survey is administered, please watch the:

National Youth in Transition Database Webinar

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  • PowerPoint

How long has Wisconsin been collecting data?

Wisconsin has been collecting outcomes data since October 1, 2010. Data collection is ongoing.


The National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) collects information on youth in foster care, including sex, race, ethnicity, date of birth, and foster care status. It also collects information about the outcomes of those youth who have aged out of foster care. States began collecting data in 2010, and the first data set was submitted in May 2011.

  • About NYTD - General information about NYTD
  • NYTD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Collection of commonly asked questions related to NYTD.  Includes valuable information about:
    • Youth eligibility to complete the survey
    • Survey completion
    • Documentation
    • Outreach efforts and more
  • View tips on how to discuss the NYTD survey opportunities for the following age groups:
  • Federal Guidance on NYTD - Policy issuances and other guidance related to NYTD, including questions and answers
  • NYTD Reviews - Current information on NYTD Reviews, including review schedules, review procedures and final reports
  • NYTD Data Briefs - Summarizes findings from State NYTD data submissions compiled by the Children's Bureau
  • NYTD Tip Sheet provides information about how to engage youth in the survey.


If you have any questions about NYTD, please e-mail with the subject “NYTD.”