Transform Milwaukee Jobs



The Transform Milwaukee Jobs (TMJ) program was created in the Department of Children and Families (DCF) by the 2013-15 Biennial Budget (2013 Wisconsin Act 20) as a permanent transitional jobs program to assist low-income adults in Milwaukee County transition into stable unsubsidized employment.

The goals of the TMJ program are:

  1. To transition individuals into stable unsubsidized employment.
  2. To increase child support payments through stable unsubsidized employment.
  3. To support reunification plans with children by enhancing parental capabilities and long-term child safety through stable unsubsidized employment.
  4. To transition former foster youth into independent living through stable unsubsidized employment.

The TMJ program offers jobs to low-income adults in Milwaukee and provides businesses with needed workers at little risk or expense to the business. The initiative is a public-private partnership focusing on restoring economic prosperity in five core industrial areas of Milwaukee and is a part of Governor Scott Walker’s larger Transform Milwaukee initiative.

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Press Release from Governor Scott Walker

Partnering Organizations

DCF is partnering with two organizations across Milwaukee for this project.

Organization Preliminary Award Population Served
 UMOS $7,000,000 General Population
Milwaukee Area Workforce Development Board $1,700,000 Foster Population

Eligible Individuals

TMJ provides job training and job experience for unemployed low-income adults in Milwaukee County who are not participating in W-2 and not eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits, including noncustodial parents and young adults without children. Providing employment opportunities to these target groups will help families become less dependent on government and more financially independent.

Additionally the program provides businesses with subsidized workers to better position themselves to expand and hire unsubsidized workers in the future. Complemented by work underway by the Transform Milwaukee initiative, the TMJ program will help to create jobs, grow businesses, and restore Milwaukee’s economy. Policies and Communications

Policies and Communication