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Wisconsin Works (W-2) and Related Programs Studies

Additional W-2 and Related Programs Studies can be found at the Theobald Legislative Libraryand the Wisconsin Digital Archives.

Evaluation of the Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project (TJDP)

The Evaluation of the Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project (TJDP) evaluates Wisconsin's TJDP program from October 2010 through March 2012. TJDP was a subsidized training and employment program designed to improve the employability of individuals with significant barriers to employment.

W-2 Take-Up Study

The W-2 Take-Up Study is a qualitative study conducted by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to better understand why parents eligible for W-2 were not participating in the program. DCF promotes the economic as well as the social well-being of Wisconsin’s children and families. We understand that a lack of employment and the resulting financial instability are difficult and stressful for families. As a result of insights from this report, DCF has taken steps to improve how parents are welcomed into W-2 and how we continue to work with them to best meet their goals.

Wisconsin Works Chartbook

The Wisconsin Works Chartbook presents a wide variety of statistics about the W-2 program, including information on the characteristics of W-2 participants and their families; program placements, activities, and operations; and economic outcomes of former W-2 participants. Data, graphics and brief summaries are presented for the state, and for Milwaukee County and the balance of state when there are noteworthy differences between those areas. This report was last updated in December 2006.

Barrier Screening and Assessment Evaluation

The Barrier Screening and Assessment Evaluation examines how the barrier screening tool and assessment procedures have been implemented and the impact of the screening and assessment process on case planning for W-2 participants. This evaluation concluded in December 2005.

What Employers and W-2 Job Experts Think About Retention and Advancement Barriers and Services

What Employers and W-2 Job Experts Think about Retention and Advancement Barriers and Services investigates the expert views of W-2 staff who provide retention and advancement services around the state and of employers who hire significant numbers of Low Income Workers With Family Responsibilities (LIWWFRs).