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Post-Adoption Resources in Wisconsin

Post-adoption resources are available for adopted persons, birth parents and adoptive families. Licensed adoption agencies and other service providers may offer some post-adoption services. The State of Wisconsin offers an Adoption Search Program. Additionally, Wisconsin has five regional Post Adoption Resource Centers.

Post Adoption Resource Center

Each regional Post Adoption Resource Center serves families in their area by:

  • Providing education, support activities and services to adoptive families.
  • Improving community awareness of adoption, and promoting a positive image of adoption.
  • Helping schools, doctors, and human service providers understand the unique issues facing adoptive families.
  • Establishing collaborative efforts among public and private organizations and the general public
  • Increasing services for adoptive families, including:
    • Respite care and crisis intervention
    • Day care and after school care
    • Legal help
    • Family counseling and support groups related to adoption
    • Access to Title XIX (19) service providers
    • Planning for the transition of an adopted child to adulthood

The Post Adoption Resource Centers bring a high level of expertise to providing services to families. For more information about post-adoption services, contact your regional Post Adoption Resource Center.

Adoption Search Program

The Adoption Record Search Program helps adopted persons get information about themselves and their birth relatives. Persons whose birth parents have terminated their parental rights in Wisconsin can also get information about themselves and their birth relatives.

Adoption Assistance Amendments and Medical Assistance

If you are receiving adoption assistance and feel the special care needs for your child has increased since the time of adoption, please see the Adoption Assistance Amendment brochure or call 1-866-666-5532.

If you are having issues with your adopted child’s medical assistance, please call the number on the back of your ForwardHealth Card or call 1-866-666-5532.

Reimbursement for Adoption Expenses of a Child with Special Care Needs

Reimbursement for some nonrecurring adoption expenses is available to individuals who adopt:

  • a child or children with special care needs
  • a child or children who are at risk of developing special care needs

A signed adoption assistance agreement must be in effect with the State of Wisconsin. The adoption must be finalized before requesting reimbursement of adoption expenses.

To learn more about requesting reimbursement of nonrecurring adoption expenses, please see the brochure:

You can also contact:

  • Your adoption social worker.
  • The Adoption Assistance Program Accountant in the Division of Safety and Permanence, Department of Children and Families (Phone: 608-422-6918).