Adoptee Resources

Every adoptee's experience with adoption is unique and often evolves throughout different stages of life. Adoptees in Wisconsin may seek out adoption-related resources years or decades after adoption has occurred. The resources on this webpage are available to adoptees no matter the type of adoption or when it occurred. 

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) administers the Adoption Records Search Program to assist adoptees in accessing their records. DCF also funds the Wisconsin Family Connections Center (WiFCC), the statewide permanency support program, which offers programming and supportive resources for adoptees of all ages.

Adoption Records Search Program

Wisconsin’s Adoption Records Search Program works with adoptees, adults whose birth parents’ rights were terminated, birth parents, and other relatives gain access to vital pieces of adoptees’ birth and pre-adoption stories.

The Wisconsin Adoption Records Search Program can only provide information when termination of parental rights and/or adoption finalization occurred in Wisconsin

Visit the Adoption Records Search page for more information about the Adoption Search program or to apply for access to records.

Wisconsin Family Connections Center (WiFCC)

The Wisconsin Family Connections Center (WiFCC) is a statewide program that provides resources to those who have been adopted. WiFCC services include: 

  • Information, referrals, and support via phone, email, or in person
  • Trainings and conferences
  • Support groups, including a virtual Wisconsin adult adoptee support group
  • Free networking events
  • Short-term case management
  • … and a growing catalogue of other resources and opportunities

For more information, visit the WiFCC website or speak to a staff member at 800-762-8063.

Below are a variety of external resources available to adoptees in Wisconsin, compiled with the help of adult adoptees in Wisconsin. Click on each header to learn more.

Adoption-Competent Therapists

Many adoptees find that it is beneficial to speak with a mental health professional who has received specific training related to adoption. Adoption-competent therapists are equipped to explore the impact of adoption on the adoptees’ full life course.

Adoption-competent therapists have received specific certifications related to adoption—most commonly the National Adoption Competency (NAC) training through the Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.)

Learn about counseling for adoptees, adoption-competent therapy, and finding the right counselor to meet your needs.

Below are some existing directories of therapists with adoption experience to help with your search:

Adoptee Support Groups

While each adoptee’s experience with adoption is different, no one understands the adoptee experience like another adopted individual. Adoptee support groups bring together adoptees, virtually or in person, to share their experiences and offer support and empathy to one another.

Some virtual (video chat) support groups include: 

Adoptee support groups on Facebook:

Adoptee Voices: Books, Blogs, & Podcasts by Adopted Persons

Many adoptees share their experiences through books, blogs, and podcasts. Other adoptees (as well as other members of the adoption constellation) may benefit from reading and listening to these adoptees’ experiences.


Adoptee Reading offers a searchable directory of books written & recommended by adoptees.


Adoptees Connect has compiled a list of 50+ blogs written by adoptees.


Other Resources

First Nations Repatriations Institute – Resource for First Nations people impacted by foster care or adoption to return home, reconnect and reclaim their identify. 

Law & Legal Support


Emergency Support

  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, and prevention and crisis resources for your or your loved ones. 

Do you have other resources you think should be available on this page for adopted persons? Reach out to to share other suggestions.