Governor's Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)

Three children laying on the floor and reading a book

The Governor's Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) was formed as a result of the Head Start Reauthorization Act of 2007. 

Council Mission

The mission of the Council is to help ensure that all children and families in Wisconsin have access to quality early childhood programs and services. The Council responsibilities include:

  • Conducting a periodic, statewide needs assessment concerning the quality and availability of early childhood education and development programs.
  • Identifying opportunities for, and barriers to, collaboration and coordination among Federally-funded and State-funded child development, child care, and early childhood education programs and services.
  • Develop recommendations for increasing the overall participation of children in existing Federal, State, and local child care; and early childhood education programs including outreach to underrepresented and special populations.
  • Develop recommendations regarding statewide professional development and career advancement plans for early childhood educators in the state.

Background Information

Early Childhood State Advisory Councils (SAC) work to improve the quality, availability, and coordination of programs and services for children ages birth to five. These councils are designated by each state's governor to facilitate the development or enhancement of high-quality systems of early childhood education and care, which are designed to improve school readiness.

Below are links that explain the history and background of the formation of these councils across the United States, and specifically in Wisconsin.

Annual ECAC Report to the Governor

If you wish to view prior ECAC Annual Reports, please email the Early Childhood Advisory Council and request the specific year.