Parents Supporting Parents

Wisconsin's Parent's Supporting Parents model is an evidence - based model aimed at empowering parents with lived child welfare experience as mentors to parents currently within the child welfare system. Parent's Supporting Parents (PSP) follows Iowa's parent partner model and Wisconsin is becoming the third state to implement and evaluate this model. PSP innovation zones in Wisconsin include Door, Jefferson, and Rock counties. 

parents supporting parents


Parent's Supporting Parents cultivates the leadership of Wisconsin's parents who have lived experience in the child welfare system. This group of parents serves as a model of hope and sources of support for parents currently experiencing public child welfare. It is parents with lived experience that will help to shape services and systems to promote child safety, permanency, and family well-being.


Parent voices are elevated and supported as key partners in the child welfare process and toward system improvement. This helps to promote resilient and thriving Wisconsin families, communities and systems.


Research on parent partner programs demonstrate strong, positive, outcomes for participating parents.

  1. Higher rates of reunification and lower rates of re-entry into the system.
  2. Knowledge of how to advocate for themselves.
  3. Organizational skills and access to resources.

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