Ongoing Onsite Case Review – Additional Resources

The information provided is for agency staff whose cases have been randomly selected for a case review as part of DCF’s Child Welfare Continuous Quality Improvement process. Agency staff and supervisors are notified when a case has been identified for an Onsite Review.

Onsite Case Review Webinar

  • This webinar will provide caseworkers and supervisors an introduction on the Ongoing Onsite Case Review process. In addition to a brief overview of the Child and Family Services Review and DCF’s Child Welfare CQI process, this webinar will orient caseworkers to their role within the process.

Onsite Review Case Contact Sheet

  • The case contact sheet is essential for caseworker to complete. It includes a list of the key case participants and their contact information. Caseworkers must complete and email to their assigned DCF reviewer and the DCF Continuous Quality Improvement mailbox,

Onsite Review Guidance for CPS Ongoing Managers 

  • The guidance document describes the review process and contains the majority of the information described in the webinar.

Onsite Review Frequently Asked Questions

  • This FAQ document provides information related to the most frequently asked questions about the review process. Case participants will likely have a number of questions about the process and their role in the review.

Onsite Review Optional Script

  • Caseworkers may find this optional script helpful when explaining the review process and interview expectations to key case participants.


There are additional resources on the Child and Family Services Review website, provided by the Children’s Bureau. We strongly encourage all caseworkers and supervisors to review the following:

•Child and Family Services Review Fact Sheets

•CFSR Quick Reference Items List

•CFSR Onsite Review Instrument