Branding Standards

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The DCF logo, fonts and colors are the cornerstone of our brand and serve as an immediate identification of the Department of Children and Families. Clear, consistent and repetitive use of our brand is crucial as it builds visibility, awareness, and strength. Conversely, improper use causes confusion. Staff should follow standards outlined in the below guides whenever working with the department logo, colors, or fonts.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Communications Office at

Visual Style Guide

The Visual Style Guide is a quick and easy guide to the department’s branding and great for hanging in your cube or office for reference. 

Download Visual Style Guide

Color Accessibility Guide

The Color Accessibility Guide is a helpful tool for working with DCF colors. It shows what text and color combinations can be used together and remain compliant with WCAG standards.  

Download Color Accessibility Guide

Graphic Identity Standards 

The Graphic Identity Standards provides a more detailed look at our brand and how to use it. This guide includes information on logo sizing, accessibility standards, and more. 

Download Graphic Identity Standards