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The Department of Children and Families (DCF) uses these e-mail lists to communicate the following information:

  • BWF Operations Memos. These memos are sent from BWF to agency staff that administer Wisconsin Works (W-2), Job Access Loans (JALs), Transform Milwaukee Jobs (TMJ), Transitional Jobs (TJ), Emergency Assistance (EA), and the Refugee Assistance Program (RAP). These memos describe policy clarifications and changes for these programs, as well as changes and enhancements to related systems such as CARES/CWW and WWP.
  • DFES Administrator’s Memos. These memos are sent from the Division of Family and Economic Security (DFES) Division Administrator to agency directors and staff to provide contract-related information for administering W-2, JALs, TMJ, TJ, EA, and RAP. DFES Administrator’s Memos also provide information for Child Support Agencies and Children First Agencies.
  • W-2 and EA Manuals. These manuals contain policies and procedures used by W-2 agency workers who determine eligibility, provide case management services, and issue payments for the W-2 program and EA program. Emails are sent to notify subscribers of updates to these manuals.

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