Supporting Youth and Children (SYNC)

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SYNC is a new website that allows group care providers to access and respond to referrals of youth who require treatment interventions services. SYNC will provide secure and efficient transfer of information between group care providers and agencies using eWiSACWIS. 

How does SYNC work?

  • Group care facilities will be able to view information sent securely from county child placing agencies making referrals. 
  • Group care facilities can review referrals and then accept, decline, or place youth on a waiting list. Referral decisions are documented in SYNC and transmitted back to eWiSACWIS so the child welfare professional can review the responses from all potential providers in one place.  
  • SYNC users may document medical and dental appointments for clear communication with child welfare professionals and to reduce duplication of those services.  
  • Group care providers can see referral updates immediately in SYNC such as when a referral has been canceled or withdrawn by the child welfare professional. 
  • It is highly recommended that SYNC be used by all group care facilities for the referral of youth to group homes and RCCs, as it will provide a more secure, efficient, and uniform means of transmitting information between partners.  
  • Group care staff can document case notes and upload documents like treatment and discharge plans to child placing agencies to provide the most up-to-date information available in a secure manner.

To log in to the SYNC Website visit: MyWisconsin ID Sign In 

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