Milwaukee Refugee Research Collaborative

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Milwaukee is home to several universities and a vibrant refugee community, the combination of which results in many research initiatives involving refugee subjects. Whereas each university’s respective Institutional Review Board (IRB) is in place to protect the rights and welfare of those individuals who participate in research activities, the intent of the Milwaukee Refugee Research Collaborative is to grow a complementary partnership between researchers and refugee service providers, who are in close contact with the refugee community. Maintaining such a partnership enables efficient information sharing between service providers, researchers, and research participants, and may help to ensure that research topics are relevant, impactful and responsive to the community.

Register Your Research!

This collaborative intends to inventory past, present, and future research with refugee populations. You may register your research project or propose new research ideas by completeing the Milwaukee Refugee Research Collaborative Survey.

Please visit the Milwaukee Refugee Research Collaborative website to learn more.