State Refugee Advisory Committee

6 professionals sitting at a table talking and taking notes

Mission and Goals Statement

We advocate for the personal and economic self-sufficiency of refugees in Wisconsin. By advising state agencies, educating our communities and refugee groups, and promoting cultural competency in all areas of service delivery and planning, we will accomplish the following goals:

  • Evaluate trends in refugee arrival numbers, locations and languages to effectively coordinate the comprehensive, cost effective and culturally responsive placement of future arrivals to Wisconsin.
  • Advocate on policy affecting refugee resettlement, immigration and community integration.
  • Educate Wisconsin communities, agencies, and organizations on issues relating to civil rights, language access, best practices, existing and emerging needs and resources and cultural competency.
  • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of existing services and outcomes to provide DCF/BWF with suggestions on future strategies related to refugee issues.

Establishment of State Refugee Advisory Committee

The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45 Public Welfare, Volume 2, Chapter IV, Parts 400-499, Section 400.5(h), Provide that the State will, unless exempted from this requirement by the Director (ORR), assure that meetings are convened, not less often than quarterly, whereby representatives of local resettlement agencies, local community services agencies, and other agencies that serve refugees meet with representatives of State and local government to plan and coordinate the appropriate placement of refugees in advance of the refugees' arrival.


20 committee members including directors of resettlement agencies (Volags), community-based organizations (CBOs), mutual assistance associations (MAAs) and representatives from W-2, Income Maintenance and state level agencies.