Quarterly Consultations

Federal statute 45 CFR 400.5(h) requires State Refugee Coordinators to hold consultations with representatives of local refugee resettlement agencies, community service agencies and other agencies serving refugees, no less than quarterly, to plan and coordinate local refugee resettlement processes. Historically, the State Refugee Coordinator in Wisconsin has met this federal requirement by meeting with the Refugee Advisory Committee (RAC), composed of representatives from refugee resettlement agencies, mutual assistance associations, community-based organizations, state agencies, Wisconsin Works (W-2) and Income Maintenance agencies and some ad-hoc members. RAC members advise the State Refugee Coordinator on a variety of issues related to refugee resettlement in Wisconsin.

At the beginning of 2013, the quarterly consultation process in Wisconsin underwent some changes. The Wisconsin State Refugee Coordinator continues to hold quarterly RAC meetings, now held in a morning session.  An afternoon session, called the Quarterly Consultation, was created and is open to all stakeholders and interested individuals.  The location of the Quarterly Consultation rotates between the major resettlement areas of the state: Milwaukee, Madison and Oshkosh. During the Quarterly Consultation, the State Refugee Coordinator provides a report on current refugee resettlement in Wisconsin.  Presentations on various topics related to refugee resettlement in Wisconsin and the U.S. are also provided.  Attendees have the chance to ask questions and to network with other refugee resettlement stakeholders.

To learn when and where the next Quarterly Consultation will take place, or to receive regular updates and news about upcoming Quarterly Consultations, please contact the Refugee Programs Section.